Wipe New - Original

Wipe New - Original

Wipe New - Original

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Wipe New’s unique nano-polymer formula is the World’s Longest Lasting Solution for Restoring and Protecting your Vehicle!


Wipe New Bottle (44 ml)
2 Wipe New applicator cloths
1 Headlight applicator
1 Headlight prep pad
1 Detail brush
1 Pair of nitrile gloves

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Wipe New Trim Original

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Wipe New is an innovative nano-polymer formula that penetrates deep and binds to your vehicle's faded, weathered trim surfaces to restore showroom luster and provide long-lasting protection from oxidation, fading and sun damage. Wipe New's non-greasy formula is fast and easy to apply and it only takes a little bit to coat the average mid-sized vehicle. Use Wipe New on many surfaces such as bumpers, dashboards, rims, steering wheels, running boards and much more to return them to showroom glory with just one time and money-saving application! Wipe New works on acrylic headlights too!


  • Wipe New for cars restores, renews, protects and lasts on automotive trim
  • Use on dashboards, door panels, leather and vinyl seats and trim
  • Also use on plastic and rubber bumpers, trim, mirror housings, roof racks, grilles, cowls and more
  • Non-greasy, no-slip formula is safe to use on steering wheels, running boards and more
  • Protects from oxidation, fading and sun damage
  • Lasting protection, even after hundreds of car washes
  • Apply once and the shine lasts for years
  • Enough for the interior or exterior of an average mid-sized vehicle
  • Saves you both time and money
  • Bonus headlight restore kit is included
  • Wipe New Includes:
    • 1.5 fl oz bottle of Wipe New
    • 2 Wipe New applicator clothes
    • 1 headlight applicator
    • 1 headlight prep pad
    • 1 detail brush
    • 1 pair of nitrile gloves

Suitable for:

  • Interior
    • Dashboards
    • Door panels
    • Leather & Vinyl seats and trims
  • Exterior
    • Bumper & trim
    • Mirror housing & faded plastics


Important Note

When applying Wipe New®, wear the nitrile gloves included with the Pro Detail Kit and always apply it in a well ventilated area.

Wipe New® is not recommended for glass. Application to clear coated or painted surfaces of a vehicle requires extensive preparation and should therefore be performed only by a automotive detail professional. See our paint application series on YouTube for more details.

Very little is needed! Only 1 to 1.5oz of Wipe New® is needed to coat the exterior trim on an average mid-sized sedan.

Plan to work from the highest area of your vehicle down. This helps keep freshly coated surfaces from being touched before they are dry.

Let Wipe New® dry for 1 hour before making contact with the treated surface.

Allow 24 hours after application before exposing treated surface to moisture (rain, dew, sprinklers, car wash, etc).

Do not apply Wipe New® to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.

If Wipe New® comes in contact with unintended surfaces such as paint, wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth. Within an hour of application (while Wipe New® is still undergoing initial cure), Acetone can be used to remove Wipe New®. After Wipe New® has cured, removing it will require the use of a fine polishing compound or a high grit automotive sandpaper.

If Wipe New® begins to cure on the applicator cloth; you may notice a streaking in the surface. Either rewet the applicator cloth with more Wipe New® or discard the cloth and use a new one.

Store Wipe New® in a cool dry place and discard upon expiration.

How to apply Wipe New?

  • Ensure surface is completely clean and dry
  • Put on the pair of nitrile gloves (included)
  • Simply pour Wipe New onto the applicator cloth (included) until it is saturated, or take the pre-saturated Wipe-It out of the pouch (Restore, Wheels, and Headlight Kits).
  • Apply in a single wipe to the intended surface
  • Allow 24 hours to cure completely
  • Discard the applicator cloth when finished

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