Best Wiper Blades

Often, windshield wiper blades are overlooked. It is important to have a windshield wiper that functions well. Having a good windshield wiper can keep our vision clear when it’s raining heavily, snowing or there’s dirt and bug splatter off of your car’s windshield. As these factors can affect our visibility while driving which can lead to an accident.

Wiper blades need to be changed every 6 or 12 months. Even if you do not use your wipers frequently, it can still be damaged due to the heat and lack of moisture when you leave it untouched. Wiper should smoothly clear water, snow, dirt from your windshield with no squeaking, chattering, skipping or grabbing. If you notice these signs or if your wiper is leaving streaks and bands of water, it’s time to change new ones. If you leave it unchanged through a long period of time, the material of the wiper blade can damage your windshield.

Most windshield wipers are built with only a single squeegee blade and no scrubbers. They can push water, but anything more substantial is smeared onto the windshield reducing visibility. This is not only frustrating but can be dangerous.

If you are looking for the best, the Scrubblade Platinum wipers should be on your short list. These wipers are designed to cut through more than water. It does this using our patented 2-part cleaning system. The true innovation comes from tiny triangular scrubbers designed to cut through debris for a cleaner, particle-free windshield. The inside trailing blade removes remaining water and debris for a substantially better wipe.



Our top-of the line beam style wiper blade, SCRUBBLADE Platinum features a rubber covered frame for optimum performance during ice and snow buildups, a low profile to prevent wind lift, nano graphite coating for quieter, smoother wipes and additional adapters included in the package to cover over 99% of all vehicles on the road today. 




Buying the right type of windshield wiper for your car is something crucial for every car owner that needs to be done regularity. It’s easy to simply walk in to a local automotive workshop and pick out any model of windshield wiper that fits your vehicles without thinking much. However, the windshield wiper technology had improved tremendously, the durability and quality of some wipers have unique and proprietary traits that can influence your next wipers blade purchase.

It is important to know the right size for your vehicles; you wouldn’t want to end up with an either too small or too large wipers that cover your vehicles windshield. There are different types of components and individual parts made for the wipers. You have to identify your needs before purchasing the right wipers.

If you are looking for a wiper blade that last, look for one that is rubber material or have rubber compounds. It is stronger and have high resistant to harsh weather conditions.