Spectrum is a Marketing and Distribution Company dedicated to distributing quality products. Founded in April 2014, the company have become of the leading marketing and distribution firm in Singapore.

SPERE (www.spere.com.sg) was created in 2016, its aim was to establish emotional connection and provide products directly to the end consumers. 

Spectrum new branding heralds a new era and direction for the company which strives to provide a wide array of quality products to customers. Primarily focused on technological products,Spectrum will serve as a conduit between the masses and the new products they need.

Spectrum follows a two-tone blue color scheme to portray its trustworthiness and professionalism.

Dark blue indicates confidence, reliability and responsibility. It relates to one-to-one communication rather than mass communication.It inspires wisdom and higher ideals but is also conservative and predictable.

Light Blue indicates strength and unity, it brings harmony to the spoken word.

The symmetrical square symbolises the diversity and forward thinking of the company’s modus operandi.The floating stance of the crystal also further signifies Spectrum’s foothold in the industry - always ahead of the trend.